Be the cause... that effects abundant life!

Be the cause... that effects abundant life!

Diabetes is quickly becoming the most expensive and deadly disease on the planet. It's no wonder many have dubbed it "The New AIDS." 

Sadly, most cases of diabetes in the developing world are never treated. In Africa alone, it's estimated that more than 60% of diabetics are undiagnosed.

And many of those who live with this condition will die without urgent help.

That's why your support today is vital -- as it will help...

  • Put lifesaving diabetes screening within reach of tens of thousands in Africa and the inner-city US
  • Train, equip, and mobilize vital community caregivers in underserved communities
  • Bring healing and hope to adults and kids who struggle to get the healthcare they need

So thank you for your gift today. Together, we'll effect abundant life for more people all over the world!

"Type 2 diabetes is hitting epidemic levels around the world. I applaud The Root Cause for setting out to fight this disease."

--Jimmy J. Kolker, former US Ambassador and Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs, US Department of Health and Human Services

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